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The fold is the point on a web page below which scrolling is required to view additional content. If visitors have to scroll to get all the information from your landing page, especially the call to action, you may lose them. Therefore, it is important to know where the fold will fall.
Unfortunately, this is an inexact science as different browsers, and different screen resolutions, will place the fold at different points on your page.

Above the Fold

Design your page for the lowest common denominator ‐ generally accepted by web designers to be screen resolution of 1024×768. Designing your page for this format will mean only a very small handful of visitors; (those still using a resolution of 800 x 600 ‐ less than 3% of PC owners ‐ and shrinking) will need to scroll. Remember, while the screen may be 1024×768, your page design needs to be a little smaller to account for the title, menu bars and frames of common browsers. This means the size of your page should be no more than 950 x 750.

Many of your visitors will not scroll, regardless of how important or pertinent the information is below the fold. It is imperative that you place a call to action above the fold to capture the non‐scrollers.

Below the Fold

Many times, due to the nature of your message, it is necessary to place content below the fold. Different personality types will experience your page differently. Those visitors that are more logical and caring in nature will scroll patiently until all of their questions are answered.

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