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Last professional achievements

Member of Brand Guardian Group consists on 12 people (one for each business unit). I am the manager of the corporate image of Sanitas online (e-health).

Redesign of website, achieving the unification of the brand image according to the guidelines of BUPA and respecting the basic principles of usability, accessibility and SEO.

Result: Increase Client Engagement: 87% say they are very satisfied with the online service (Online Surveys).

Redesign the home of Linea Directa and process of contracting for the car insurance, according to guide usability and accessibility of the company.

Result: traffic growth and an increase in the number of online adquisitions.

I’ve been freelance for one year, working in creating the corporate identity and building basics web site for numerous PYMES as IKDI, Poliuretanos Cantabria, MonteHolidays Ecoturismo, El blog de Alfredo Quiroga, Perros guía de andalucía (Level AAA of the W3C Web Content Accessibility).