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Last professional achievements

I implemented a new tool of Email Marketing in Sanitas capable of centralizing all email marketing, segment emailings, refine and improve the quality of database. The objective is making more effective the email campaigns and growth of the reputation to bypass anti-spam filters.

I started and led the proyect of the newsletter for Sanitas customers (over 350.000 people). For 2 years, I managed increase customer loyalty for grow:

Impressive growth in open rates, CTR rates and email address quality

Emailing oriented to acquisition of fans in facebook increasing the number in a 210% in only two days.

Emailing oriented to increase the number of users registered. First pilot “A/B Testing” in Sanitas: comparing, between 1000 people, different options before being sent.

Transfer of Wellcome Pack to offline clients to emailing online. First test totally customization (8 diferent segments).