User Experience & Analitycs: A/B testing, focus group, etc.

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Last professional achievements:

I have worked in optimizing the user experience in the Sanitas Client Area: online doctor appointment process and information architecture (tree testing of user zoom)

Result: Decreased incidences in the call center and Increase in the online booking

I worked on incorporating Sanitas Residencial to “”. Sanitas Residencial is aimed at a target audience very specific and sensitive hence we had to make numerous user tests.

Phase 1: Benchmark
Phase 2: Focus Group comparing our proposal with the competition. Average user rating: 6,5 / 10.
Phase 3: Redesign trying to settle the points of improvement resulting from the focus group.
Phase 4: test user through a personal interview. Average User Rating: 9/10.

Continuous improvement in the adquisition process of Sanitas oriented to be quick and easy for the user. In four years, I have made two redesigns, with a large increase in the conversion of new customers online.

All user tests we performed with the agencies and suppliers were specialiced in usability and market research as: Experience Consulting, DNX – Designit, etc.